Alcatraz Escape (Addicting Games) Walkthrough – Plus+ Secret Cheat!

A walkthrough of Alcatraz Escape by Addicting Games. I also reveal a cheat to instantly win!!! Laundry Game: Fold the number of clothes it tells you for each box. So, if it said 5, and the colors were red and yellow, you could fold 3 red and 2 yellow. Pipe Game: Simply match the pipes together Picture Flip Game: Fill the border of the frame with the red border. Then, simply match the pictures in the middle. Leave any questions in the comment box below.

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25 Responses to “Alcatraz Escape (Addicting Games) Walkthrough – Plus+ Secret Cheat!”

  1. BunnyMafia1324 says:

    @maverickpoint look at the arrow on ur top right, click on tht. do u see a big silver boiler thing? click the left silver thingy on the top and there are ur potatoes

    Hope that helps =)

  2. SuperMastermind3000 says:

    @TazmanianFire42 thanks u were right about restarting it worked the pipes worked

  3. xtapodiKsidato says:

    I fix the pipes as you did and it doesnt get droped….

  4. DABRYMASTER321 says:

    i cant get the scisorss

  5. chriskopytko033 says:

    everytime i solve the pipe puzzle it doesnt give me shit. im gettin mad

  6. AnthonynJojo22 says:

    @tazmanianfire42 how do make the drill?

  7. weeman11thefast says:

    i wish pelling potoes was that easy

  8. iancrownover says:

    right clicking did not work for me!!!!!

  9. GameFreak30001 says:

    @TazmanianFire42 how do you find the cement

  10. TazmanianFire42 says:

    @maverickpoint u need the peeler… its found in the laundry room table

  11. casedinlight says:

    @maverickpoint That’s what I’m stuck on. I have to wait all day to get to the kitchen, and then I have no clue what to do there.

  12. samanthajunior611 says:

    I guess the black man with one eye didnt like it when i put the rope around his neck….

  13. honrada20 says:

    where is the first drill bit

  14. thelifeoutside says:

    Also if you want more soap when pressing laundry, press one shirt, and when you click to remove it from the press just keep clicking, it should just keep automatically pressing shirts.

  15. thelifeoutside says:

    when in the cafeteria go to the alcatraz wall of fame and click on the top right photo, toilet paper behide it :D

  16. Lbielber1 says:

    Im so mad the pipes wont work!

  17. rocketeer11250 says:

    sorry i didn “t see , where did you get the third piece of the driil?

  18. XxFrEaKkIdXx says:


  19. TheknifefromHeLL says:

    I don’t get how to get the scissors

  20. maverickpoint says:

    how do you peel the freakin potatoes. it wont let me?!

  21. imVietnameseboii says:

    how do i get rubber cement

  22. bigtim77 says:

    @BeautyFetish mine are 2

  23. BeautyFetish says:

    The pipes are fucked up…I had them just as you did and they don’t work…

  24. flickeringembers says:


  25. bluestargalaxy61 says:

    found this game when I was on fb…I was stumped and went through all of the “hints” that you can buy from that guy in the cafe and still couldn’t figure it out untill I looked up the walkthrough… The game didn’t load all the way down so I could only see the top row of supplies -_- I made the dummy head but couldn’t grab it and put it on the bed DX lol silly game…it’s fun, but it would have been better if I could have finished it lol

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